Ceratelle is a long established New Zealand based importer of leading edge branded products with a difference. Our world is colourful, optimistic and bright. We seek opportunities to express this in everything we do – both literally and figuratively in every way possible.

Ceratelle has been in operation since 1979 and has been built over the years on strong relationships & effective partnerships with retail partners. A key focus is placed on flexibility, creativity and professional attention to detail in bringing colour to everyday home essential products – our mission is to inspire retail and impulse sales through use of colour and creativity. Our retail partners are general merchandise, supermarket and DIY chain and independent retailers throughout the South Pacific region.

We specialise in added value general merchandise and have a special interest in creating innovative display options for optimum visual impact and ease of display in retail stores. We frequently provide custom pallet display quantities (PDQ) or shelf ready tray (SRT) concepts to customers to optimise retail sell through at front of store, including floor display options for off location, wing end or side stack display, pallet or half pallet display, clip strip on shelf or bulk display bins.

80% of our chosen major New Zealand & Australian Retailers feel they must have Ceratelle’s Team of Choice involved in their major buying decisions due to our innovative approach and depth of experience. We understand retail.

Where we differ to most bulk merchandise suppliers is our attention to detail and a flexible, creative execution of both product and display to ensure a sell-through well beyond most standard merchandise providers.

Creativity is core to the Ceratelle culture and has consistently delivered winning retail concepts and sell through. We embrace opportunities with open minds, taking the experiences of the past while looking forward to how the future might look.

Ceratelle products are professionally branded, covering an enormous range of retail categories including (but not limited to), Kitchen Utensils, Manchester, Laundry, Bathroom, Bedroom,  Flooring & Outdoors.

Ceratelle provides an in-house professional private label service for retail customers when required, inclusive of label and brand generation, and have our own well-known brands throughout retail, DIY, general merchandise and supermarket chains. We take pride in the professional presentation of our products, branding and retail collateral, while also being flexible & super easy to work with.

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