Catch captures the very heart of the sentiment of being relaxed at home. Softer pastel colours target a more casual, relaxed family oriented market than our other brands. Catch is the Ceratelle brand with the broadest market appeal.

Catch is carefree, comfortable and at home absolutely anywhere. Also a lifestyle brand, Catch is for everyday use – combining practicality with soft colours for a relaxed, ‘at home’ experience. Catch has been designed to merchandise well as pallet display and in dump bins, and also displays effectively as a side or wing stack item due to the broad appeal and practical nature of the Catch range.

Catch brand packaging has been designed to fit well with bulk stack presentation in store – moving stock through high impact colour blocking with broad family appeal in both urban and rural locations.

Catch colours are beautiful classic pastels that will tone in with a range of decor styles.

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