Ceratelle imports and brands general merchandise products for non-food grocery, general merchandise and DIY retailers.

The breadth and depth of products in Ceratelle’s full range is enormous. Because we have years of collective buying experience, many of our largest customers prefer that we be directly involved in their buying decisions. We believe we are skilled in nominating colours and styles that are suitable for a variety of trading environments. We take a particular interest in practical application of creative merchandising solutions to maximise the retail opportunity for our customers.

We regularly attend international trade shows and markets – seeking out global trends and inspirational concepts from Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom and America to deliver the three steps ahead advantage our customers have come to anticipate from us.

Ceratelle searches out leading edge products with a difference. We ensure that we import complete ranges rather than singular items, as we appreciate the importance to most of our customers of being able to offer a comprehensive range to customers.

Here on this website you can find out more about some of the products in each of the main retail categories. The full range is extensive. Please not hesitate to contact us for your specific requirements or an initial discussion.

Each product in the range belongs to one of our brands Effects, Pop, Catch or InHome. Our products and brands must meet a full set of quality, regulatory and safety requirements for the New Zealand, Australian or Pacific market. We understand the importance of on-time-supply, and we have strict supplier criteria to ensure our extremely high standards can be maintained.

Ceratelle Marketing is an experienced leading importer with global contacts and resources, an eye for quality and an unequivocal talent for providing stock that sells.

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