Meet Ceratelle’s Team of Choice. Our work as a team is inspired by positivity and creativity.

People who work in the Ceratelle Team of Choice are creative, positive and enthusiastic, with a genuine commitment that sees the team continually deliver the ‘extra mile’ Ceratelle is known for. We put our hearts into our work and we genuinely care about the quality of our products, service and delivery.

We respond to customer requirements with focus and priority. Our Team of Choice is empowered at every level to exceed customer expectations as a Ceratelle standard.

The Ceratelle team understands what motivates shopper purchasing behaviour, and understands how to create retail merchandising for impact.

Every member of our Team of Choice is invested in and passionate about delivering a culture of quality with specific and tailored performance & efficiency indicators, including warehouse commitment to order delivery in full and on time, customer service team commitment to putting customers first and a marketing commitment to optimising sell through at retail.

We believe that we provide a product, a service and a relationship that is second to none.


Our passionate leadership team…

Brendon Brodie
Managing Director
Tim Brodie
Mark Brodie
Laughton Brodie
Director / HR
Wayne Upton
Finance / Operations
Mandeep Singh
Joseph Lee
Business Development
Courtney Miu
Product Development
Marcus McLean
Key Accounts Manager
Cherryll Thompson
Customer Care
Dave Lund
Taylor Lincoln