POP by Ceratelle is a zesty, irrepressible brand showing a POP of stylish colour on your shelves and a vibrant, enthusiastic edgy personality. POP has a presence, and loves to be seen

There is no doubt that colour sells product in retail and POP is a brand that has been designed to do just that. POP is a now-brand – edgy and fun, and is so visually appealing it all but jumps off the shelf: perfect for impulse buy locations.

POP delivers fun and energy to retail categories. Everyone wants the energy and power of positivity that POP brings to Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries – because POP is all about that happy chatter of colour. POP appeals to all age groups, but is marketed toward the younger end of the ‘home-maker’ market – those who will purchase a full set of colour items and who are attracted to the visual happy POP of colour.

POP is a brand with broad appeal that sells well off standard shelves, but has been designed for hang-sell in impulse purchase locations.

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